Hailey Rayann

Of Awakened Beauty & Bliss

“Shine so bright that others can’t help but to be drawn towards your warm and comforting light.” 

– Hailey Rayann

Spring Modelling - Hailey Rayann

My Story

I grew up with a mother who was extremely spiritual and creative. She was what most considered “new age” at the time. She taught me how to open my mind to connect with the deeper world around us through the use of crystals, tarot, meditation, dream work, and in learning about the beauty in expressing ones self through art. When I was younger I loved to draw and paint, which developed into a passion for makeup artistry and fashion as time went on. I found the act creating a look and bringing the concept to life thrilling, freeing, and surprisingly therapeutic. 

Eventually as I started to learn more about the brands I was supporting I was shocked to discover how many beauty products contained animal byproducts and resorted to cruel animal testing, and about the abuse and poor living conditions of animals used for fur, skins or glue in the fashion industry. I could not believe that these unethical practices were allowed to take place, especially when other brands were proving how unnecessary these actions were by creating products that were of the same or better quality without the use of animals. As both a piscean and empath I’ve always been highly sensitive to the thoughts and feeling of others and have a strong compassion for animals, so it was natural that upon my discovery I became vegan and changed everything from the food I ate to the beauty, fashion and cleaning products I purchased for my home. 

I strongly believe that another soul should not have to suffer at our expense. We are all divine and spiritual beings worthy of life. With that said and given my deep love for spirituality, wellness, all things beauty, and the planet I have devoted myself to lightwork and educating others on holistic products and practices that can be used to enhance their vibrational energy while still remaining ethical and sustainable at the same time. I hope you will all join me on this journey as together we can create a better world built on the foundations of love and oneness.

My Mission

My soul mission is to serve as a guiding light on a healing path to a more awakened and holistic state of being through balanced education on all things beauty inside and out. I hope that in sharing my divine intuitive messages, spiritual practices, and product knowledge I am able to ignite a ripple effect in each of you to look and feel your best, so that you too can live a purposeful life full of bliss ♥️ 

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa

Spring photo shoot of Hailey Rayann