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COVERGIRL is now starting to cater to those of us who are huge animal lovers! While they have taken a step in the right direction by being one of the first few drug store beauty brands to go completely cruelty ree they did not offer vegan products until now.

If this is all new territory for you and you are unsure about the difference between cruelty free and vegan products I have a separate post on that which I will link here. You can read my original post for more in depth information, but as a quick summary cruelty free essentially means that the products are not tested on animals and vegan means that the products do not contain any animal byproducts. While not testing on animals is absolutely wonderful not using animal ingredients in the products is just as important in my eyes. I truly hope that they continue to move in this direction as I know that there is an ever growing demand for it.

Some vegans feel very strongly about not supporting brands that are not 100% vegan, and while I may eventually feel that way as the industry grows I am currently of the mindset that it is important to support vegan products from brands that may not be fully vegan in order to show them that there is an interest in these items. Otherwise, they may not make the shift. Enough of that talk though as I could talk for hours and this post is about the makeup!

The new cruelty free and vegan line from COVERGIRL is called Clean Fresh and it currently includes 4 products from foundation to cream blushes, cream highlighting sticks, and tinted lip oils. It is my understanding that the cream blushes are limited edition and unfortunately I was not able to find them anywhere, so my review will be on the other 3 items from the collection. For this review I have compiled a list of all the product claims and have shared my thoughts on how well the products held up to these claims during my personal experience . Please keep in mind that products may work differently for others, so if you have come across conflicting reviews and would still like to still try a product for yourself please do! 

Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation

♥ Moisture boosting & nourishes skin with good for you ingredients
♥ Glowing dewy finish that lasts all day long
♥ Blurs imperfections and creates a more even skin tone

I give this foundation 5 stars because of how beautiful it looks on the skin and how long lasting it is. It truly lives up to all the claims. It is extremely hydrating and feels like more of a milky face moisturizer than painted on makeup which is very refreshing.

Most of the foundation I wear is matte as dewy finishes tend to look greasy and separate on me throughout the day, so I was pleasantly surprised to learn that while this foundation provides a subtle and healthy looking glow it somehow lasts all day without breaking apart. In fact it holds almost the exact same finish and amount of glow by the end of the day as when I first apply it. 

The last claim is probably the one I am the most impressed with though. I tend to gravitate towards medium to full coverage foundations simply to help with discolouration. 
The blurring technology in this foundation is something else. Even though it is lightweight it completely smooths out skin tone and texture eliminating the need to layer for more coverage. It provides a natural looking and breathable finish while still hiding any unwanted imperfections. I feel very comfortable and confident in it. 

Clean Fresh Cooling Glow Stick

♥ Cools skin and leaves it looking positively radiant
♥ Can be used for extra glow on cheeks, eyelids and lips

I thoroughly enjoyed this cream highlight and would have given it 5 stars had it been a little easier to blend out. I tried several application techniques from applying it with my fingers to a stippling brush and even a beauty sponge. I also tried it on top of bare foundation and foundation that had been set and powdered. I found that it melted into the skin beautifully, did not accentuate my pores, and had a truly radiant glow on top of both liquid and powder surfaces. It was also very buildable in opacity and intensity. However, it was quite stark all the way through. The only method that seemed to help fade the edges by buffing it out was the use of a damp beauty sponge and even then I feel like it was okay but not perfect.

I tested this product on other areas of my face as it says you can. I placed a small amount on my cupids bow, the bridge and tip of my nose, and all over my eyelids. It gave off the perfect glow that accentuated all the high points I wanted it to hit when in the light. I did not find that it creased on the eyes either, which I heard that the cream blush from this line did so I would recommend this product for the eyes over the other if you are trying decide between the two. 

I can confirm that it does have a tiny bit of a cooling effect, but only while applying it. The feeling does not last long and was gone by the time I finished applying my makeup. It is nothing like those cooling or tingling products used for pumping. It is a very neat product overall.

Clean Fresh Tinted Lip Oil

♥ Shine and long lasting moisture
♥ Keeps lips soft, smooth, and conditioned for up to 6 hours 

There was nothing long lasting about these at all. When you first apply them to your lips they offer a fair amount of pigmentation and feel extremely soft, oily, and hydrating. Within the first few minutes, to an hour max, it is as if you never applied anything to your lips at all. I was not as concerned about the pigmentation as it is an oil product and I was expecting it to be more of a lip treatment than a lipstick anyways. However, the finish should stay even after the pigmentation fades especially if 6 hour conditioning claims are being made. I would say the colour wore off within 10 minutes, the shine wore off within 20 minutes, and my lips were bare again (no product or conditioning) within the first 40-60 minutes even without touching my lips, eating or drinking. 

This item was a total flop for me. I am really sad about it because it is the only vegan lip option available through COVERGIRL at this time. I truly hope that they are paying close attention to customer feedback and consider creating better lip products for us to experiment with as the rest of the products from the line that I have tried were wonderful and I would like to see more. 

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